Finally, I'm a real writer...

I have just finished my first week at work and it has been absolutely wonderful. First thing is, I can't believe how lucky I am to be able to walk to work. Despite a few rainy days I've felt that, even though I'm sitting at a desk all day, I'm getting plenty of exercise and fresh air. Everybody I work with is lovely and I feel I can learn a lot from them. I have already been given various responsibilities. I've written a book review of a guide to the Valais, in Switzerland. I have also done a couple of news articles and a bit of copy for the website. I'm excited about the relaunch of the magazine, especially because I will get my own fashion column. I started doing research for it yesterday, and the idea is that I will interview up and coming designers in Switzerland. I can see that I will absolutely love working professionally as a journalist.

In other news: Tim and I went to the cinema last weekend, and it cost about £20 each.. Oh Switzerland! I'm sure upon return to Britain I'll feel like the prices resemble Indian ones!
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