The Easter bunny comes to Zurich

After weeks of summery spring climes, the days warm enough to wear a dress and the sun so bright as to tan the skin, the weather typically turned wintry just in time for Easter weekend. Dad and Elsa were descending on us - despite the best efforts of the world's worst airline SWISS (the usual unnecessarily long delays and being told there wasn't space for them on the plane...) so it seemed a shame, but we didn't let it put us off getting out.

Zurich's always pretty for a potter - up through the old town to Lindenhof, to admire the cityscape from beneath swooning branches, and to the top of the twin-towered Minster to admire the lake. And what better to witness on a wet day than a waterfall? We ventured to the Rhine Falls, Europe's biggest waterfall, where 150-metre-wide torrents charge between crags in a cacophonous roar and a misty haze of spray. We walked around the falls, admiring them from all angles, before lunching on delicious perch fillets at Restaurant Park am Rheinfall.

Then, the next best thing when snow and general misery are forecast: a thermal baths. Bad Zurzach in nearby Canton Aargau is always a treat, with its bath-hot outdoor pools and lamplit salt cavern. Courtesy of Nanna, the Easter bunny also arrived, and we enjoyed Cadbury's Cream Eggs and hot cross buns for our sins. No, as we Brits well know, the weather need never put paid to your plans.
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