A bona fide winter wonderland: Riffelalp Resort, Zermatt

It was as magical as I could have imagined, this five-star resort nestled piste-side at 2,222 metres above Zermatt. All around were snowy summits - including the most captivating of them all, the Matterhorn. Horu, as the peak is known locally, seemed as if within touching distance from the lofty heights of the Riffelalp Resort, which is halfway between Zermatt and Gornergrat.

I'd have been happy to sit on our magnificently positioned balcony all day just admiring the view, but skiing was on the agenda. It was a good opportunity to be high in the mountains, inhaling the crisp air and soaking up some much-needed vitamin D - even if Zermatt isn't exactly the ideal resort for a nervy beginner skier like me. Retreating to the hotel spa afterwards, to lounge in its warm outdoor pool - the highest in Europe and featured in BBC Series The Night Manager - was heavenly. After the last skiers had left the mountain, and the sun began to sink behind the horizon, we were treated to our very own private winter wonderland.
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