Christmas in Zurich, with a few Yorkshire traditions

'Twas the night before Christmas...

... and Tim and I were alone in Zurich for the very first time at Christmas due to my late stage of pregnancy making me unable to fly. But we were determined to celebrate properly, and enjoy the treat of a quiet festive season. Sitting in the fridge was a free-range organic turkey and all the ingredients for a good old English Christmas dinner.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with a tradition in my Mum's family - frumity, a porridge-like dish made with bulgur wheat, syrup and lashings of nutmeg and mixed spice. For a first attempt, we were pleased, and we followed it with a cheese board and spice bread made to my Grandad Feaster's recipe. "Pup" spent the day kicking like mad, as if he knew something was afoot. 

The flat is twinkling with Christmas decorations - cascades of berries and pine cones and little lights - so although December 25 dawned in Zurich's usual grey cloak of winter misery, we felt in a festive spirit. Soon, the kitchen was oozing warm, sweet and winter-spiced fragrances - the bay-and-orange scented turkey; red cabbage, apple and onion bake; and purple roast potatoes. 

Carols on the CD player and the Christmas candle flickering on the dining table - traditionally in our family lit on Christmas Eve and left to burn out. We made merry opening our generous haul of presents over a few handmade chocolate truffles from Case Nobile in Switzerland, then concluded dinner with a wedge of panettone from Ticino in the southernmost tip of the country. A lovely Christmas in Switzerland with a few traditions from home and oodles to thank the universe for. 

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