A Swiss winter wonderland with Will and Sadie

Bargis, a high plateau tucked above the eastern Swiss ski resort of Flims, oozes winter wonderland beauty - think untouched marzipan layers of snow between limestone rock faces tumbling frozen waterfalls.

We've stepped into a winter's tale. Ahead of us, a deep snowy basin braided by walking trails and cross country ski loipers, and rustling with frothy deep green pines. Encircling the scene, soaring limestone faces cascading frozen waterfalls. Behind us, beyond the edge of the plateau, a sea of snowy summits glistening in cold sunlight. This is Bargis above Flims in eastern Switzerland. The plateau is located at around 1,150 metres above sea level between the limestone walls of the Flimserstein and the steep slopes of Lovadignas. And it is spectacular.

Will and Sadie are staying with us for the pre-Christmas weekend and we have driven to the mountains from Zurich to escape the persistent monotony of the grey, wet weather. We crunch through the deep snow into a biting wind that carries snowy dust. Our trail follows the icy Aua da Mulins mountain stream and winds between frosty trees. There's nobody around. The only sounds are the gush of the wind and an occasional moan of shifting snow on the sheer flanks.

After a picnic lunch, we descend through woodland, where huge globules of snow balance on bushes like caps. Gradually, the marzipan-smooth layer thins into slush and we emerge at the pretty hamlet of Fidaz - a tangle of arty chalets peering at a magnificent mountain panorama.

The winter's night is releasing its dark cloak over Flims by the time we reach the resort. Menacing cloud has gathered on the Bargis plateau now - an angry misty web pushing against the mountain flanks. For us, spiced tea and regional nut cake await in a golden-lit cafe on the main street, where Romansch-speaking locals merrily chat. What a lovely start to Christmas week 2018.

And a few snaps of Christmas at our place...

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