Under, over, under ... What was that knitting rhyme again?

Learning to knit is like learning to read all over again: it seems complicated until it all falls into place, and one stitch follows another to create a pretty piece. The 'falling into place' aspect is not so easy though, as I have discovered while knitting the 'Cath Kidston Striped Scarf'. I have read the kit's instructions and watched knitting tutorials on YouTube but my efforts are still leading to a rather lumpy, uneven stretch of fabric. Just as putting letters in the wrong place when one starts out with a new language, my knitting is a story of perseverance. And persevering I am. I used to be able to knit, and textiles is my greatest passion after writing, so I ought to be able to add this traditional skill to my portfolio. Besides, it is a charming way to spend an afternoon - and practise other skills at the same time. I have French radio on in the background (but in hindsight, listening to radio based on the Cote d'azur when it hasn't stopped raining all day in Zurich is perhaps not the best way of lifting one's mood...) Now, under, over, under, out ... or something like that ...
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