Soaring summits in Kandersteg ...

It is a fine art to imagine mountain views when all before you is a wall of impenetrable grey. With images from the postcards in our minds, Tim and I took the cable car from Kandersteg in Canton Bern to the Oeschinensee. We caught glimpses of the famed turquoise surface of the lake beneath the cloud - sadly none of the sheer, craggy summits that rise and fall to sharpened points high above it. After climbing up and up through woodland, we reached the high path to the Oberbaergli Hut. Below us were steep drops - lucky I couldn't see them!

The lack of views encouraged me to pay more attention to the carpet of pinks, purples and yellows. Dainty alpine flowers dappled the grass - a spider was sitting on a large daisy, like a thumbnail from Flower Fairies. Cow bells jangled in the air around the hut; two beautiful border collies played with each other. By the time we dropped again to the lake, the cloud was beginning to clear and we saw those postcard views! Before taking the lift back to the village, Tim reached some high speeds on the Summer sledge run - like a bob sleigh on a slide, it was far too precarious for me. Kandersteg is very pretty and filled with a holiday atmosphere.

We bought mountain cheese, ate delicious homemade cake and wandered around the chalet-packed streets into the evening. We stayed in Chalet Hotel Adler, a cosy 3* with a touch a la Las Vegas. People visit to experience its love rooms, some of which have a whirlpool that can be moved onto the balcony. Our room had a circular bed, which was surprisingly comfy. Dinner was delicious and fresh - I tried penne with spinach and sundried tomatoes in cream sauce. The air is so fresh in Kandersteg and the views unbeatable. If you type the village name into Google, its international Scout centre is the first website to come up - which explains why there are so many scouts around. This is by no means the most remarkable thing about the place. It is the last village before the Loetschberg tunnel so mountains border it on three sides. Truly breathtaking.
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