The eye of the tourist ...

When Dad and Elsa visit us in Zurich for a few days, it is intriguing to revisit the city through the eyes of tourists. Where I have encountered the locals to be unfriendly and judgemental - staring at me with menacing eyes - Dad and Elsa address this problem in a different way. They speak to them, smile at them and engage them in conversation. It turns out that friendly people can be found here. The sun shines each day, and as the city basks in temperatures of twenty degrees plus, we make the most of the nearby Katzensee to cool down.

Dad points out a family of great crested grebes playing on the water - the young looking lost when their mother dives under for fish, confusion crossing their little faces when she reappears in a different part of the lake. We laugh at coots as they seemingly run on water in chase. The red kite soars ahead, swooping daringly close to the hustle and bustle of the swimming area. We even see a grass snake sneak gracefully across the water beneath the jetty into the safety of the reeds. The warm weather brings thunderstorms in the evening - and we gaze in awe as the sky turns deep indigo, engraved for split seconds by metallic bolts of lightening. A train to the summit of Zurich's "house mountain", Uetliberg, reveals an unbeatable panorama of Lake Zurich. Elsa ticks off a group of Italian teenagers when Dad and I climb to the top of the viewing platform. The weather being so kind, we decide to walk down through the woods and have a cup of tea in a cafe at the bottom.
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