Albie's first trip to the mountains

Albie had his first glimpse of majestic mountains on our return visit to Sattel Hochstücki. We last walked the snowy route in Central Switzerland on Boxing Day, when I was heavily pregnant. Below us then was a sea of fog.

Today, everything sparkled under an unblemished sky. I fed Albie on a bench facing a startling unfurling of spiky snowy summits, the golden warmth of the sun dusting our faces. We slipped and slided on the route through shadowy woodland, before the path exited onto a panoramic stretch around the Engelstock mountain, nipping between huge barns and sweeping meadows.

Mum treated us to tea and cake in the restaurant at the end of the walk, while Albie concluded our outing by treating us to an "up the back poonami" that had to be dealt with on the back seat of the car.  Though what a picturesque setting for changing a nappy. And our appetites are whetted for more Alpine trips with our baby boy.

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