A castle (almost) on our doorstep: Regensberg

It was a glorious weekend but Tim and I didn't want to travel far - so we decided to explore our surroundings of the Züri Unterland a little more. Embarrassing that, while we have covered much of Switzerland on weekends away, we have seen but little of our local area. Regensberg provided the perfect destination.

A short train ride took us to Otelfingen, a pretty town beneath the Lägerenweid and the Jura Höhenweg panoramic hike. Our 2.5 hour walk took us first past meadows sprinkled with colourful primroses and tumbledown farmhouses in Boppelsen, before winding into the shade of woodland. Our path meandered between tall trees that wove together into a scene like something from 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

As the curtain of forestry drew back, a panorama of spectacular proportions opened up: rolling fields and patches of woodland in the foreground, backed by an Alpine vista stretching from Säntis (2,502m) in the north east to Mount Pilatus (2,128m) in Central Switzerland. We picnicked watching plane after plane take off against the view (the airport was also part of the setting), before our route swept steeply downhill and the back up to Regensberg and its castle. Only the turret of the castle remains, so the setting is fairytale-esque: a tree-lined cobbled street leads up to a smooth windowless tower. It was like Gruyères for the Unterland and a lovely way to spend a quite spring Sunday.

You can find the route we took here.
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