Window to Zurich...

I am gazing over the edge of an infinity pool. Below, Lake Zurich winds into the distance in a sweep of turquoise with patches of dusky turquoise where the clouds have created shadows. Cow bells jingle in the air; I feel completely at one with the world. This is the Panorama Resort above Pfaeffikon in Canton Schwyz. The swimming pool - part of the Akari spa - is heavenly. Akari means 'light' and on every wall is a large window with panoramic views. Tim and I enjoy the Japan Harmony Bath during which we have a jasmine steam bath, a full body peeling and a whirlpool bath.

We dine in Restaurant Collina, where I enjoy the five-course summer menu consisting of delightful fresh and local ingredients, and we gaze at that ever-present panoramic view. There is a pleasant hum of happy chatter - other guests clearly, like us, completely relaxed after an afternoon in the spa. Our room is filled with the harmony of a Japanese garden with yellow walls and simplistic decor. The far wall is a window so the room becomes one with the view. Here we watch a storm sweeping towards us up the lake, gradually grasping the resort in its clutches, then disappearing as quickly as it came, leaving behind a rim of gold leaf on the hilltops.

We awake on Sunday to a swim, the warm water soothing our limbs against the chill morning air. After homemade Bircher Musli from the extensive spa buffet we head for our Kundalini yoga class - the instructor is terrifying and barks stern instructions at us in English: "Breathe through your nose!" "No fruits without roots!" "Stop looking at the clock!" This is yoga meets Basil Fawlty. We treat ourselves with Sunday morning brunch - homemade croissants, smoked salmon and a great selection of Swiss cheeses are just some of the tasty titbits on offer. Then the wicker sofas with fabric hoods that line the outdoor pool and peer over the view beckon and we sit curled up in our robes reading with the sun kissing our limbs and the breeze dusting our noses. So near to Zurich yet so far away...
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