Blooming spring

The title of this post is not intended to sound fed up, though I realise in hindsight that is perhaps the effect. Rather, Spring has arrived in Zurich Affoltern and the area looks blooming lovely. The sun has shined for the last two weeks and from our patio we have gazed across lush green fields, towards hazy peaks in the far distance and vivid blue sky. Just along the road, we have watched a never-ending field of tulips blossom into a rainbow of delightful spring colours; grassy plots are now dotted with tiny flowers - like buttercups but in shades of rose, lilac and lemon.

We have enjoyed feeling the sun on our faces and jogging after work. I pinch myself when I realise I can live amongst such beauty and pursue the career of my dreams - no London smog for me. Visiting a chocolate fair in the city last week reminded me that Easter is on its way; intricately-decorated chocolate eggs and perfectly-proportioned bunnies were piled high at each stand. At the first edition of Zurich's Mode Suisse event on Saturday, designers presented their latest collections to a sunny soundtrack. We enjoyed a perfect Sunday out in the fresh air, jogging, de-weeding and reading on the patio. Life couldn't get much better ...
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