The boat that rocked ...

From one love to another, and with an enjoyable visit in between, I can't complain about the last few days. I had a busy week at work writing up my hotel and restaurant review, my interview with Vanessa-Mae and a feature about the creative directors of Bally, all of which was enjoyable. On Thursday evening Julian, our friend from Innsbruck, arrived for a few days. He's always good fun and very positive. The weather was kind, and we enjoyed a glorious walk around the neighbourhood. It finally feels like spring in Zurich and we enjoy waking up in daylight and hearing the birds singing.

We also went on a cruise on Lake Zurich. The horizon was so still and clear we could make out the snowy bulk of distant mountains and the sun illuminated the lake in pearly azur. A group of pensioners dressed in eclectic and crazy outfits (trees, arctic explorers, poodles) and carrying trumpets and drums were also on board. Our cruise was accompanied by their rowdy, cheerful Guggenmusik - the traditional music played for Fasnacht in Switzerland. It is deliberately off-key and quite jarring, but equally uplifting. The lake shores are lined with enviable properties - old-worldly aristocratic style, each with a boathouse and some with their own private beach. After the cruise and as the sun was setting, we journeyed to the top of Zurich's local mountain, Uetliberg. Clouds were coming in, tinged in gold leaf. A spectacular explosion of burnt reds and oranges filled the sky and we gazed at the view. Now we are in the Tyrol for our winter holiday. Our journey was accompanied by snowy fields and dramatic peaks. All around the apartment is deep snow. Today we sledged and gorged on hot chocolate and rum. We can't wait for some skiing. It's nice to be in our home away from home.
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